When to Practice

  • The practice week is Sunday–Friday (6 days)—there is no class on Saturday.
  • Our students practice from 4 to 6 days a week.  Some start out coming 6 days a week right off the bat; others build up to it as they progress.
  • We recommend attending led class — it is a great way to practice the breathing method and learn asana names.
  • Please note that minimum accepted class attendance at the school is 3 days a week, unless another arrangement has been worked out with the teacher in advance.

Class Times

  • For Mysore-style class, we recommend arriving as early as possible in the class session, but at any rate, no later than one hour before the end of class.
  • We ask that students complete their entire practice, including taking rest and getting dressed, by the class ending time.  
  • For led class, please arrive a few minutes early so that class can begin on time.
  • There is no class on major holidays or days of the new and full moon.

Recommended for Class

  • Your own sticky mat (can be left at the school).  We do not rent mats.
  • A cotton practice rug (optional)
  • Clean (freshly laundered) practice clothing
  • Please come to class personally clean (a shower before class is highly recommended)
  • No scented products, please
  • It's recommended not to eat or drink anything before practice


  • When traveling, we recommend that students consult the KPJAYI teachers’ list to find a suitable teacher to practice with.
  • As a rule, students who have just arrived in a new location (or are starting at a new school) should plan to practice Primary series for their first few days.