Mysore-style Class

Monday – Thursday: 6:30 – 8:00am

Door opens at 6:15am.
Last start time is 7:00am.
Students are asked to complete their practice by 7:45am.
The last 15 minutes of class (7:45–8:00am) are for quiet rest, changing, restroom, etc.
By arrangement with the church, the hall must be vacated by 8:00am.

Drop-ins and beginners are always welcome!  If you've never practiced Ashtanga before, please email us, or let the teacher know before starting class.

Led Class

Friday: 6:30 – 8:00 am

Door opens at 6:15 am. Led class starts promptly at 6:30am.

Drop-ins with any level of Ashtanga experience are welcome in led class.

2019 Moon Days

No class on new and full moon days

New Moon             Full Moon

Jan 5, Sat               Jan 21, Mon
Feb 4, Mon              Feb 19, Tue
Mar 6, Wed             Mar 20, Wed
Apr 4, Thu               Apr 19, Fri
May 4, Sat               May 18, Sat
Jun 3, Mon Jun 16, Sun
Jul 2, Tue             Jul 16, Tue
Jul 31, Wed Aug 15, Thu
Aug 30, Fri Sep 13, Fri
Sep 28, Sat Oct 13, Sun
Oct 27, Sun Nov 12, Tue
Nov 26, Tue Dec 11, Wed
Dec 25, Wed

2019 Holidays

No class on the following dates:

May 24–27 – Memorial Day Weekend

Jul 4 – Independence Day

Aug 31–Sep 2 – Labor Day Weekend

Nov 27–Dec 2 – Thanksgiving

Dec 24– Jan 1, 2020 – Christmas/New Year’s