Monthly membership guarantees convenient payment and supports your practice!

We offer two types of membership, and three ways to pay.

Membership Types:

  1. Unlimited class attendance (up to 6 classes per week) — $165/month

  2. Limited attendance (4 classes per week) — $140/month

Months cannot be prorated; payment is in advance and non-refundable


Three options:  (1) get a recurring email invoice, (2) set up autopay from checking, (3) set up autopay from your credit card via PayPal.

  • Email Invoice

Receive an invoice by email every month on the start date of your membership.  Just click the payment button in the email to send payment from your checking account.

  • Checking Autopay

Set up recurring autopay from your checking account via your own online banking.  Please use the following mailing address to send payment:

Ashtanga Yoga Boston
44 Laurel Street
Concord, MA 01742

  • PayPal Autopay

Set up a subscription with PayPal. Your credit or debit card is automatically charged every month.  If you select this option, we will send you a link to set up your subscription.  Subscriptions terminate after two years, and you can cancel at any time.


Please select a membership type and payment option below: